Loving this Clarisonic Body Brush Extender for better skin

Clarisonic Body Brush Extender
It’s no secret that I am the biggest Clarisonic fan ever, it was one of Oprah’s favourite things and it’s mine too (previous review here). My obsession with clear skin and Clarisonic has drawn me to this little beauty, the Clarisonic Body Brush Extension Handle. The handle attaches to a Clarisonic Plus or the PRO face and Body Sonic and gives the same penetrating clean on your back that you get on your face. I LOVE this, it’s like having a back facial without having to go to a salon. I am a big fan of backless dresses so this is a must have for me, if you have the Clarisonic Plus or Pro face you MUST get this. It’s amaze and I buy mine here.


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