Lotion P50 review Toner for Flawless Skin

Lotion P50Lotion P50 Toner is part of Dr Philippe Allouche’s French Skin Care Line Biologique Recherche has been around since 1978, during these four decades one of his products has gained urban skin legend status: The lotion P50 exfoliating toner.  Celebrities, models, aristocrats, cosmetic surgeons far and wide love this product and some call it miracle in a bottle.  It is made with natural ingredients, lactic acid, witch hazel, vitamins and myrhh extract the product is not harsh like many toners can be, and is suitable even for the most sensitive of skins.  So why do I want to bathe in it?   Because it gives flawless skin, it eradicates pores and polishes the epidermis.  When it hit the US, Vogue issued a cult skin care product alert on their website. I get mine via email order from the skincare’s French website.  The friendly Frenchie without any fuss commissioned fed ex to dispatch my liquid gold pronto. Anyone that is obsessed with their skin already has this.

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  1. Thank you Sonja for enlightening your cyber friends on yet another amazing find. What would we do (or look like) without you.

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