Is the coffee reign over yet? Bellocq Tea

Bellocq Tea

Where I live, Autumn has begun, the leaves have turned shades of yellow, red and orange, soon Winter will be here.  As the climate cools I love to keep warm sipping on tea. Tasting tea rooms are becoming extremely popular in New York and Japan.  We need to reign in this coffee craze and make room for fine tea.

Tea is a healthy invigorating drink. Drinking tea can be great for your skin as it contains antioxidants like polyphenols which protects against certain age-related diseases. One study has found that drinking six cups of tea is like eating six apples.  Tea also has a fascinating 4,500 year history with traces of tea connoisseurship going as far back as 2737BC China.*

My skin simply loves drinking up the benefits of tea, for the morning I love an Assam or Kenya and then in the mid afternoon a smoky lapsang souchong.  Then lighter teas as the evening looms, like a fruity darjeeling. I also like to detox and take a tea for dinner instead of a meal, perhaps a lighter oolong, something clean and elegant to aid in some deep beauty sleep.

Bellocq Fine Tea

Tea drinking and buying has evolved over the years, 300 year old tea auction houses have closed and accessing tea is as simple as going to your local supermarket.  Thankfully tea connoisseurship is still alive and thriving especially for those who enjoy sourcing elegant fine blends. I especially love what Bellocq.  Bellocq are tea artisans and ateliers who have an amazingly beautiful tea room in quiet corner in Greenpoint Brooklyn. They are dedicated to offering the finest teas from China, Japan, India, Nepal, Taiwan, Vietnam and Malawi.


My favourite Bellocq teas are Afghani Chai and Wild White Peony (above).  They sell tea blends and pure teas and other lovely tea gadgets for tea nerds. The best thing (for me) is that they ship worldwide. Take a look here at their amazing selection. Treasure yourself and pour yourself a tea, let your thoughts dissolve and wake up beautiful. If I lived in NYC I would be at Bellocq every other day for a Gongfu ceremony.

*Tea Lovers Companion, Pettigrew and Richardson

Bellocq Tea



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