The best mascara in the world by SERGE LUTEN

Best mascaraSerge Luten Mascara is a cult and exclusive mascara. It is touted as being the best mascara in the world, and I agree.  It is created by the French Serge Lutens known for his art and photography (and perfume).  This mascara performs miracles on my lashes.  The applicator is a comb instead of a brush which means I can coat each lash from root to tip leaving long drawn out long lashes…It stays put all day with no smearing and no panda eyes.  The trick is to apply sparingly in a single layer.

It’s not cheap, but that’s because it’s upscale and exquisite, other brands pail in comparison.  This has been used by many of the best make up artists in the world, and more recently at the Emmys.  This is a dream mascara and for those girls who like the best of the best…I bought it online here and got it shipped internationally.  I have only ever found it at at Barneys and Harvey Nichols but it can be tracked down in Paris at the Serge Luten store.

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