Pretty Locks with Jane Tran Bobby Pins

Jane Tran Hair Pins

Jane Tran: I am in love with LA Designer Jane Tran Bobby Pins and Hair Accessories, she makes simply stunning hairpins and pony tail bands. They are so unique and come in such big variety of styles from muted tones to vibrant colours and patterns, all in pretty keepsake boxes.  Most importantly they are strong and durable and will keep fine hairs or thicker locks in place. They are hands down the best bobby pins and hair clips. I love carefully putting them back in their box when I finish wearing them.  It is so nice to have designer bobby pins with quality that are chic and playful at the same time.  Jane Tran’s hair accessories have featured in so many magazines like Allure to In Style and are sold at finer retail stores like Le Bon Marche in Paris and Fenwick in London. Taming my mane has never been so much fun! I them.