CLARISONIC is the best anti aging cleansing device

Clarisonic is the best skin investment I have made, it is a rechargeable skin cleansing device that is powered by sonic technology.  It penetrates to cleanse your skin deeper than manual cleansing and removes 6 times more make up then regular cleansing.  It is the best home remedy I use for anti-aging (along with evening primrose supplements). So many revered plastic surgeons have recommended it.  It has serious cleaning power and makes my skin glow.  This device enhances the use of other products like serums and moisturizers, I use it religiously day and night and it has made a real difference to my skin.  It’s one of ‘Oprah’s favorite things’ and models like Brooke Burke (pictured) and Erin Heatherton swear by it.  This is something I cannot live without, thank goodness for Clarisonic, it really is keeping my skin young.  I buy mine here as they ship internationally.