My love for the Paul and Joe beauty mirror

Paul and Joe Beauty Mirror

I have been non committal to the many pharmacy compact mirrors I have purchased over the years, they were either too small, too big, not pretty enough, they broke or went missing.  That was until about 6 years ago when I came across the Paul and Joe Beauty Mirror from Harvey Nichols, I have been faithfully devoted to this mirror ever since.  It is the sweetest, loveliest, most elegant and best compact beauty mirror, it’s a pretty ivory colour with a chrysanthemum print and a solid clasp that has been truly tested over the years.  It is big enough to see your whole face and magnifying enough not to be too scary, it can also be propped up on its own.  I always get comments when I whip it out of my bag for touch ups, I love this mirror so much it is the best compact beauty mirror I have ever owned, this is not a fleeting relationship it will be with me forever, I highly recommend it! In fact, I love all of Paul and Joe’s packaging, I have my eye on the oh so glamorous brush holder next check out their site here.  You can buy the compact mirror on ASOS, how good is that! Link here.

Paul and Joe Brush Holder

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