Fresh Rose Mask: one of my fave face masks for tired skin

Fresh Rose Mask I love reviewing masks (previous reviews here) and applying them is one of my favourite things to do on a weekend, and I have to say that the Fresh Rose Face Mask is one of my fave face masks to use. It has rose petals in it and is thick and gooey in a good way.  I avoid  applying make up after I use this mask as my skin glows and looks crystal clear.  It’s a perfect mask for tired skin too, as it makes you look like you have had a full 10 hours sleep.  It has pure rosewater cucumber extract and aloe vera gel which help soothe the skin giving an immediate cooling and calming effect, it also has antioxidant-rich green tea which helps to brighten and protect.  The jar is quite heavy and the mask is a bit $$ but it’s special and worth it.  Hard to find in the Asia Pacific region but I buy it here online.  Otherwise if you are in the US hit Sephora or the ‘Fresh’ store.  It is popular with magazine editors too, featuring in many ‘best mask’ categories.

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