Liquid Laser Concentrate by Alpha-H cult product alert

Liquid Laser Liquid Laser ConcentrateLiquid Laser is the “all the rage” in beauty right now and it’s about to go off and disrupt the laser treatment game. If you are like me and often find yourself deep in cogitation about laser treatment, shall I? shan’t I?  Is it necessary? Is it too invasive? Then let me help you out with five words Liquid Laser Concentrate by Alpha-H.  It is beyond WOW.

It is packed with exemplary ingredients, some of which are Juveleven, a revolutionary new Hexapeptide, which mimics the action of the Hydra Jellyfish, a freshwater organism nicknamed the “Immortal Jellyfish”.  Hydranov-P, which is naturally derived from Scandinavian Red Algae and stimulates the actual synthesis of natural Hyaluronic Acid in the skin by over 211%.

I am completely addicted to Alpha-H’s Liquid Laser Concentrate and I honestly feel as though I have turned back the clock on my skin leaving me petrified that if I don’t use it, my face will fall. It leaves my skin feeling super plumped with a porcelain feel, penetrative and thick on the skin. I feel like it’s working when I am sleeping. I wake up and my skin is clear, clear, clear and lifted.

How I use it: Every second night, after I cleanse, I use about two or three drops of the Liquid Laser and lightly apply over my face and neck area, I don’t apply anything else over it as I like it to work undiluted.

The serum itself is very light in texture and goes a long way but feels nice and thick on the skin.  It also has a high concentration of ferulic acid which is found to protect the skin from the sun and to be an excellent plant based antioxidant.

The creator of Alpha-H is Michelle Doherty who founded the product range after she suffered with problem skin as a teen, she wants nothing to do with disingenuous claims, over-packaging and pricing, instead it’s about honest and real results.

So you know when you invest you are buying into a high quality product and supporting a genuine small business one woman show rather than helping a CEO to buy their third house.

If you aren’t sure whether you want to do the laser thing –  highly recommend Liquid Laser Concentrate by Alpha-H it’s the real deal, it’s serious, I bow down to it.

You can get Alpha-H at Ry Beauty and the Liquid Laser lands there in May.  Feel welcome to share your Laser Liquid results by way of comment. 


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