It’s a Ten Miracle Hair Mask Review: The not so secret cult hair product

its a ten miracle hair mask review

Its a Ten Miracle Hair Mask Review:  Colouring your hair is a big thing these days, but so is hair damage as a result.  This was me about 6 years ago, my hair was extremely stressed from over processing.  I visited a hairdresser in LA and vented my battle with the brittleness of my hair, she empathised, as she herself had suffered a similar combat with her hair a few years prior, she then let me in on the SECRET!

The ONLY thing that managed to pull her hair out of that bad hair phase was Its a Ten miracle hair mask.  (She also mentioned that their leave in hair treatment was also used by some Vogue Editor in Europe).  I said,  “say what, I have never heard of it”.  She replied “it happened instantly from extremely damaged hair to soft in one wash“.

I ran home (I did not really run, but anyone that has gone through a bad hair stage understands how quickly I wanted to try this product) I googled it, ordered it and tried it.

That was 6 years ago, I am surprised that only now, has Its a Ten miracle hair mask become more mainstream, it has been a cult product for years.  If you have over processed your hair and cannot make a mends with it, please try Its a Ten, I swear it is a miracle.  If you want soft hair again   –   try it.

Here is a link to their site, their website has a good find a retailer search tool.  It’s widely available in the USA, I cannot find a retailer in Australia though? Crazy!  Maybe try strawberry net if you want free shipping.

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