Cleansing Spa Wipes by Koh Gen Do: the rolls-royce of skin wipes

Ken Doh Spa Cloth WipesThe Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Wipes are the rolls-royce of skin wipes.  They are made of the softest cloth I have ever felt as far as wipes go (the cloth is certified organic in Japan) and are soaked in mineral-rich cleansing spa thermal water from Yumura Hot Springs in Izumo, Japan.  They are extremely effective and in one wipe can clean your skin beautifully.  They are Continue reading

Fresh lavender smelling locks with Lulu Organics Hair Powder

Lulu Organics Hair PowderI use  Lulu Organics Hair Powder as an alternative to dry shampoo, it’s an all natural product and makes your smell ridiculously delish.  I use the travel size and pop it in my handbag and use it when I am on the go and don’t have time to wash my hair.  It’s an ALL organic, talc-free silky Continue reading

Fresh Rose Mask: one of my fave face masks for tired skin

Fresh Rose Mask I love reviewing masks (previous reviews here) and applying them is one of my favourite things to do on a weekend, and I have to say that the Fresh Rose Face Mask is one of my fave face masks to use. It has rose petals in it and is thick and gooey in a good way.  I avoid  applying make up after I use this mask as my skin glows and looks crystal clear.  Continue reading

Fermented Cod Liver Oil is the best superfood for your skin

Fermend Cod Liver Oil Capsules Fermented Cod Liver Oil Fermented Cod Liver oil is the best superfood for your skin.  Most would remember their grannies force feeding it to them as children.  These are the capsules I take which include ‘Butter Oil’ which have no fishy aftertaste what so ever and have vastly improved the condition of my skin and  hair.  It has the best source of Vitamin D, a great source of Vitamin A and essential fatty acids which all work together to deliver a healthy skin (along with many other great benefits too like improving your memory and your immune system).  Continue reading

Lancome Bi Facil Holy Grail of Eye Make Up Removers

Lancome Bi Facil Eye Make Up RemoverLancome Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover is the holy grail of all eye make up removers that has a cult like following.  It doesn’t matter how much eye makeup you have on, it will remove it in one wipe and leaves no oily residue, which avoids any blurred vision.  It’s also very gentle which is très important as the skin around your eye is said to be 7-10 times thinner than the rest of your face.  Continue reading

Three cleansers that will change your life

Liz Earle Cleanser These are my top three favourite cleansers:

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish really is just the bees knees, I cannot even begin to describe how beautifully clean my face feels after using it.  It’s fun to use and comes in a pretty  pack with a cloth. After a good cleanse (some 3 minutes later) my skin is akin to baby’s bottom, seriously huh-mazing! It contains purifying eucalyptus essential oil, invigorating rosemary and soothing chamomile extracts, and skin-softening cocoa butter. A UK favourite it has won over 75 beauty awards and is available internationally online from here. Jan Marini Cleanser

I have been using Jan Marini Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser for years and it really is the business, hard working but not irritating and great for acne prone or mature skin. It is a gentle soap-free, non-irritating cleanser with glycolic acid that rinses completely, it contains sorbitol, a natural humectant derived from berries that leaves the skin soft and hydrated and has glycolic acid which is a fantastic follicular cleansing agent.  I use this with my clairsonic and my skin really glows.  I buy it here.

Bioderma Cleanser Make Up RemoverWhen I lived in Paris, Bioderma make up remover/cleanser was in pharmacies and supermarkets everywhere (for cheap!).  Models stock up on this “miracle water” when they are in Paris.  Make up artists also love using it as it’s gentle and effective and works on any skin without irritation.  Continue reading

Antioxidant face serum packed full of goodness

Skin Ceuticals C E Ferulic Combination Antioxidant Treatment

I love this antioxidant face serum, when I walked into a renowned cosmetic surgeon’s office in London he said the best thing for my skin was Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Combination Antioxidant Treatment.  This is the go to product for magazine editors and models and for those who are skin obsessed.  It’s featured in the top 5 on countless anti ageing hit lists. This is one product you can bank on for results! Continue reading

Lotion P50 review Toner for Flawless Skin

Lotion P50Lotion P50 Toner is part of Dr Philippe Allouche’s French Skin Care Line Biologique Recherche has been around since 1978, during these four decades one of his products has gained urban skin legend status: The lotion P50 exfoliating toner.  Celebrities, models, aristocrats, cosmetic surgeons far and wide love this product and some call it miracle in a bottle.  It is made with natural ingredients, lactic acid, witch hazel, vitamins and myrhh extract the product is not harsh like many toners can be, and is suitable even for the most sensitive of skins.  Continue reading

Maui Babe is the Best tanning lotion

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Tanning Lotion

Maui Babe Browning Lotion is not a fake tan, it’s a tanning lotion that gets you a real tan. It is made from a secret family formula, mixed from all natural ingredients, including aloe used by Hawaiians to heal burns of all types for centuries.  I first use 30+ sunscreen then I lather this on, after a day I get the most incredible safe goddess like tan.  Continue reading

Make Up Forever HD Foundation: my favourite

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation is part of a French brand from Paris who has been in the beauty business for 25 years and was created by a famous French make up artist Dany Sanz, its a brand preferred by the best make up artists worldwide.  There are many stand out products from this brand but when it comes to foundation this is the bomb: HD Invisible Cover Foundation. It goes on smooth and is not at all cakey, it provides coverage but looks like skin. It’s like wearing nothing.  I set it with their finishing powder. This foundation has won sooooo many prestigious beauty awards.  This was a solid investment and stands proud in my make up drawer. Their Academy Store in France is my Mecca, jot this address down if you are lucky enough to be in Paris: 52 ter rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris France.  Otherwise hit Sephora.

CLARISONIC is the best anti aging cleansing device

Clarisonic is the best skin investment I have made, it is a rechargeable skin cleansing device that is powered by sonic technology.  It penetrates to cleanse your skin deeper than manual cleansing and removes 6 times more make up then regular cleansing.  It is the best home remedy I use for anti-aging (along with evening primrose supplements). So many revered plastic surgeons have recommended it.  It has serious cleaning power and makes my skin glow.  This device enhances the use of other products like serums and moisturizers, I use it religiously day and night and it has made a real difference to my skin.  It’s one of ‘Oprah’s favorite things’ and models like Brooke Burke (pictured) and Erin Heatherton swear by it.  This is something I cannot live without, thank goodness for Clarisonic, it really is keeping my skin young.  I buy mine here as they ship internationally.

Sentara All Weather Cream…

Sentara All Weather Cream.  This is the cream of the crop… many famous actresses in France have credited this cream for giving them clear alabaster skin…It is one of the top selling face creams in France. It is also extremely hydrating perfect for plane travel, extreme weather conditions or lack of sleep.  There is no heaviness to the cream, it feels like water when applied. It’s texture is incredible, it’s not at all thick or greasy.  The amount of hydration is magical.  It feels as though it’s penetrating deep and leaves me with really supple skin.  Of all the many many creams I have tried this cream is like nothing else I have experienced.  It’s organic and one of it’s ingredients is damask rose which is great for minimising pores.  This is a MUST rescue cream for every handbag.  Visit Sentara’s site for ordering.

The best mascara in the world by SERGE LUTEN

Best mascaraSerge Luten Mascara is a cult and exclusive mascara. It is touted as being the best mascara in the world, and I agree.  It is created by the French Serge Lutens known for his art and photography (and perfume).  This mascara performs miracles on my lashes.  The applicator is a comb instead of a brush which means I can coat each lash from root to tip leaving long drawn out long lashes…It stays put all day with no smearing and no panda eyes.  The trick is to apply sparingly in a single layer.

It’s not cheap, but that’s because it’s upscale and exquisite, other brands pail in comparison.  This has been used by many of the best make up artists in the world, and more recently at the Emmys.  This is a dream mascara and for those girls who like the best of the best…I bought it online here and got it shipped internationally.  I have only ever found it at at Barneys and Harvey Nichols but it can be tracked down in Paris at the Serge Luten store.

Award winning face masks that make your skin glow

award winning beauty masksAward winning face masks: I don’t splurge on beauty products that are just are hype, or that I simply don’t trust, I want to know that the product is true to the claims it makes and that is has high quality ingredients and offers real results.  I want good skin and these are my top three to date.

Peter Thomas Roth Sulfar Cooling Masque: This is THE mask to clear your skin it banished my blemishes and unclogged my pores. It has Eucalyptus, sulfur, and purified clays, it’s a purifying cleansing ritual for the face with a slight medicated aroma…  I have read so many reviews of this product clearing people’s acne.  This is a cult favourite in the skin care world, this will feature in my bathroom cabinet forever! I think it actually might be magic – I bought it here.

GlamGlow Mud Mask: This has been touted as the Hollywood miracle product. I use this instead of going for a facial, it’s basically a ‘facial in a jar’. People in Hollywood use it before they get on camera, it has very high quality ingredients like volcanic rock, Teaoxi™ and French sea clay, two renowned beauty therapists I saw in London swear this is the mask that’s worth every sent.  It has literally flown off the shelves in the States..It has won so many awards almost too many to mention..Tommy Lee swears by it…yes Tommy Lee.

Natura Bisse Diamond Ice Lift Mask: This is $$$ but has extraordinary lifting effects, UK vogue editor Alexandra Shulman is a BIG fan. Natura Bisse is a brand known for its  luxurious treatments and this product is no exception. I apply a thick layer and then peel it off…it has high concentrations of Marine DNA, rosa mosqueta and wheat germ oil. It leaves me with tight, lifted and glowing baby skin, so to me its worth the exy splurge. Oh, and apparently Fergie (the Black Eyed Peas rockstar) sleeps with it on her face before a big show.