One of the best apothecaries around

Merz Apothecary

Merz Apothecary I have a mild obsession (understatement alert) with apothecaries so I decided to spread weekly beauty love to my readers featuring my favourite and best apothecaries.  Top of my list for hard to find European products is Merz Apothecary in Chicago.  Merz (also referred to as smallflower for online shoppers), has been Continue reading

Sentara All Weather Cream…

Sentara All Weather Cream.  This is the cream of the crop… many famous actresses in France have credited this cream for giving them clear alabaster skin…It is one of the top selling face creams in France. It is also extremely hydrating perfect for plane travel, extreme weather conditions or lack of sleep.  There is no heaviness to the cream, it feels like water when applied. It’s texture is incredible, it’s not at all thick or greasy.  The amount of hydration is magical.  It feels as though it’s penetrating deep and leaves me with really supple skin.  Of all the many many creams I have tried this cream is like nothing else I have experienced.  It’s organic and one of it’s ingredients is damask rose which is great for minimising pores.  This is a MUST rescue cream for every handbag.  Visit Sentara’s site for ordering.