best product for smooth feet …beauty review on milky foot

best product for smooth feet
I felt obliged to pen a beauty review on milky foot, it is the best product for smooth feet that I have used thus far.  It is around the $30 mark and much cheaper than seeing a podiatrist and is very simple to use.  You lather the cream on, put the foot pads on, and socks over the top…..then in about 45 minutes wash it off.  The visible results don’t come for about 1 week.  It’s bemusing at first because your feet start peeling and it’s not a pretty sight at all, but the flakes are worth it because after about a week I did not recognize my feet, they had a reincarnation!  They have NEVER been this smooth, this at home treatment is great if you need a pre wedding beauty treatment or have some serious strappy shoes you want to show off.  In any case, this product is magic.  I am not quite sure how it works but the results are phenomenal.  A month later and my feet are still amazing.

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